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Villa Coronilla + BAU + Art UMSS Tour

At the historical mARTadero, cultural center that serves as a hub for
national and international artists is where we start our journey. We continue to where the courageous heroines of Cochabamba, took up arms to defend the city from invasion.
From there we bike along to the historic Plaza Yarqhay, where the city of Cochabamba
was founded. We will bike down some of the oldest streets of the city, which will transport us back in time. .
Along the way, we will explore the themes and techniques of the various local, national and international street artists who have visited the city.
We cruise through Plaza Corazonistas, and head to the plaza San Sebastian, where we
will see the jail, as well the handmade crafts that are made by the inmates as part of
their rehabilitation.
The tour covers street art realized in the Bienal de Arte Urbano in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017.
*Duracion/Duration: 2 hours
*Pace/Paso: Cochabambino
*Distancia: 4 Km

What to Bring

Sliding Scale Pricing:

We acknowledge the exchange rates when determining our pricing structure.

  • Global North (North America, Europe): 100  bs.
  • Residentes de LatinoAmerica: 70 bs.
  • Bolivianos: 40 Bs

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Tours occur typically at 3 pm Saturday and 10 am Sundays, but can be arranged for other days if there is a group. Maximum Number of people 4 .You may book a tour online, please confirm the date and time via facebook message.

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Bike Art Tour -Saturday 15:00


Bike Art Tour- Sunday 10:00 Am

Urban Art Tour


What to Bring

  • Water to stay hydrated
  • A hat and or sunscreen
  • A camera if you would like