Mural: Colectivo Licuado Fitz, Uruguay

Bike Art Tour is an interactive experience with the urban fabric of Cochabamba. We offer  experiences that explore the art, urban planning, and history of various unique parts of the city.

Cochabamba, known for it’s great climate and forgiving topography makes the bicycle  the ideal vehicle of transportation in the city. The tours are done by a local bi-lingual guide, with a background in architecture and design, who offers an insider’s view to the many hidden jewels of the city.

The tours are scheduled for most weekends, but you can schedule your tour on other afternoons with advanced notice. Check out the calendar below for the scheduled dates.

Bike and helmet rental is available.

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Cocha’s Urban Art [☆☆☆☆☆ – RECOMMENDED!]

Bike Art Cocha…, a must. I am an art-addicted person, maybe you’re it too or you just like art? If you do, then I really recommend doing this! It’s a two hour bike tour in Cochabamba. And It’s not just a tour, it is a really good one. Very nice people with lots of information on offer! So enjoy the ride & the street art!

                                                                                                   -Quint D, Belgium



Artists:Tikay Aner Foto: Quint Daenen

“Explore Cochabamba’s urban art by bike – highly recommended!”

Bike Art Cocha must surely be among your top five activities when visiting Cochabamba! In a two hour bike tour you will discover grafitti and street art and learn about the historic streets and plazas you pass. The tour is in English and Spanish as the guide is fluent in both languages. We were a small group of three people with the guide in front and one colleague in the back to make sure everybody gets everywhere safe at all times. I payed 70 Bolivianos for the tour including the bike I rented. We had a smooth ride and there was always time for questions and taking pictures. As they are in touch with some of the international artists about their work too, you’ll gain true insight into the different murals and their meanings. I went on a Saturday and might go again on Wednesday as the tour slightly varies and I had such a great time!

                                                                                   -Elena M, Berlin

Artists: Puriskiri & Mr. L

“A Rad Bilingual Trip through the Lesser-known Side of Cochabamba”

I am a student from the United States who took an urban tour of the Matadero area with a class. The tour was led by Cecilia, a laid-back lady with colorful highlights in her hair and an expressive outfit that would put anyone at ease. We went around different points of interest looking at impressive displays of Latin American artistry on every corner. From renderings of leftist intellectuals in action to interpretations of indigenous identity, we saw a spectrum of ideas represented. Cecilia gave us a thorough yet concise overview of the history involved with each image, and made sure to stop between sites in case we had questions. She is also very knowledgeable about Bolivian city life in general and will offer great recommendations to other places
                                                                        -Kenny B, The Bronx NYC

Artistas :Romero Tanga – Noelia Rios – Andrea Flores Foto: Quint Daenen

“Great tour, learned a lot.”

We have lived in Cochabamba before, and have explored quite a bit of the city ourselves. However the bike tour was in a unique part of town we didn’t know very well, so we enjoyed it even more.
There are many murals in Cocha but those on the tour are by some very talented artists. The bilingual guide was great and has it figured out as far as a good bike route that was safe. Do it!                                    ‘Tom B, Alaska